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Skincare Edit | Garnier Oil - Infused Cleansing Water

I could not be more in love with Micellar Waters. They’re so fuss free and easy to remove make-up; they’ve become such a crucial step to my bedtime skincare routine.

Over the last few months, I’ve tried many different Micellar Waters, my favourite being the Garnier one for combination skin, as it doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves it feeling thoroughly cleansed. However, the other version for sensitive skin (the one in the pink bottle) irritated my eyes and made them really red and sore. Thankfully, Garnier have introduced a newest member to the Micellar Water family, this time for dry skin so I had to try it.

The Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water is specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin, which sounds like something made for me and my dry skin woes! The Micellar Water is separated from the oil product which sits beautifully on top; all you need to do is shake it up to use.  

Initially, I was put off by its extremely oily feel; I expected it to be watered down slightly due to the mass amount of water. The scent is beautiful and not too overwhelming, which is important for a face product. Most importantly, the oil-enriched formula cut through make-up so easily, better than the other Micellar Waters from Garnier. Eyeliner and mascara came off like a dream! However, at the end of application my skin was left feeling overly oily which I didn’t like. My face felt very greasy to touch and the product just sat on my skin rather than nourishing it, which I found disappointing.

After a few days of use my skin seemed to break out a little, small blemishes around my nose and mouth. I think this could be due to using this product as I haven’t added anything new into my skincare routine. Although, that being said, this could be a good thing? The Micellar Water is cleaning the dirt and bacteria out of my pores, which has resulted in a little breakout. I’m hoping this will clear up after some use.

Overall, I did enjoy using this product but I’m having a few teething issues at the moment so I’m hoping to work my through these! I absolutely loved the way it cut through make-up, this makes bedtime come around a lot quicker too! The price of this product is £5.99, so only £1 more expensive than the other Micellar Waters in the range and for its cleaning power, it's definitely worth the extra £1. 

Out of 10, I would probably give this product five. Shop it here

I’d love to hear what you thought about this product.


Skincare Edit: L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask Review

Getting a clay facial is probably a highlight of any spa trip but now we can get well and truly pampered in the comfort of our own homes, in our PJs and catching up on your favourite series on Netflix. All thanks to the beauty giants, L’Oreal, who just launched three new clay masks to give us that spa experience without the expensive price tag.

Each mask is targeted for a specific skin type:

  •  For oily skin: The Purify Clay Mask with Eucalyptus which helps to mattify oily skin
  •  For dull skin: The Glow Clay Mask with Red Algae to exfoliate and illuminate skin
  • For normal skin: The Detox Clay Mask with Charcoal to draw out impurities

I decided to buy the Detox Mask for normal skin as I was in need of a thorough cleanse and this works to suck out all the dirt and oil from your pores. It’s creamy and rich in texture and easy to apply. I applied a light layer to the face avoiding the eyes and mouth and left it on for 10 minutes.

Afterward, my skin did feel noticeably cleaner and my pores smaller however my skin did feel tight and quite dry. I would say this is a down side, although this could be due to leaving the mask on for slightly longer than the allotted time (12 mins instead of 10).

Overall, this product was fun and easy to use and no doubt my skin reaped the benefits of a good detox mask. I have definitely incorporated this into my Sunday night-time routine, even though I’ll be scrubbing the clay out of my hair line until Tuesday!

What’s your favourite clay mask?


Wednesday Wishlist | 90s Blush

Wednesday Wishlist | 90s Blush

Wednesday Wishlist | 90s Blush by nancycamp1 featuring adidas sneakers

I've wanted a bomber jacket for the longest time but I've struggled to find the perfect one for my shape. This one is less 'puffer' and more slimline, which works better with my shorter top-half. The blush shade would be the perfect addition to my light jacket collection for this awful SUMMER we're having. 

My love affair with culottes continues, this time to three-quarter length ones that graze above the ankle. I love the colour and shape of this River Island pair 

Adidas Pink Superstars, what the hell? Are these not the greatest shoes ever? Totally in love with these but I'm very worried of how dirty they'll get with my clumsy footing. 

Rose-Gold Ray-Ban's in Clubround, need I say more? These have to be my glasses of choice for an upcoming trip I have planned. Mirrored lenses are super trendy at the moment, and the rose-gold effect couldn't be any more perfect. 

The 90s have been taking over as a real trend lately, from grungy sandals to top knots and chokers. Chokers have been seen on the best 90s fan-girls from Zoella to Kylie Jenner, so I needed to add this onto my wishlist. 

I'm very drawn to blush pinks ever since my room re-decoration. What colours have you been buying lately? Tag me in your purchases @nancycamp


#OOTD | Floral Bardot Dress and Tie-up Block Heels

Happy Saturday guys...

The Bardot and choker look is one of my favourite summer trends, so shopping for an engagement party outfit was a breeze. After seeing this dress on someone in Covent Garden, I had to track it down. Luckily, (or sometimes damaging to my bank balance) my office is next to a New Look and during one of my lunchtime jaunts, I found it....and at £24.99 it was a sale!  

I teamed the Button Down Floral Bardot Dress with some Black Tie-up Block Heeled Sandals from River Island that were reduced from £55 to £30. Talk about a successful shopping trip? 

I think this was one of my favourite outfits, one which ticked all my boxes, comfort and style. The perfect day-to-night ensemble. 

Shop the shoes here

Shop Bardot dresses here

#OOTD | Daisy Wide Leg Trousers and Bardot top

The BBQ season is finally upon us, so wave goodbye to that summer bod and say hello to comfortable cover-ups. 

Finding outfits for weekends in the sun is tough. You want to feel comfortable enough to consume umpteen amounts of burgers but still look like a bohemian goddess at the same time. 

So when considering my outfit for a summery soiree with friends, I had to think comfort and style. I opted for these Daisy Print Wide Leg Trousers from ASOS (last season). Their high -wasted style and jersey material are a BBQ's best friend, I teamed them with a Bardot Gypsy top from Primark, £7, for the ultimate eating and drinking ensemble. 

I'd love to see your BBQ outfit, tweet me a pic @NCampopiano


Beauty Review | Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water

Happy Friday guys!

This week I'm crazy about haircare. All I can think about is my hair and I'm pretty sure (OK, very sure) that it is to do with some products I got sent from Shea Moisture. I kindly received the shampoo, hair masque and texture spray from the Fruit Fusion Coconut Water collection and thought I'd give them a go. 

Having never heard of Shea Moisture, I was not sure what to expect. Initially, I was impressed with the overall image of the product. The packaging was pretty, bright and resembled the Bumble and Bumble brand.

Shea Moisture is an American brand which recently launched here in the UK in October. The products are all organic, sulphate and paraben-free, which I think is super important if you suffer from dull or lifeless hair. I was really excited to try these products as sometimes my hair can be very dry at the ends.

Weightless Shampoo

The shampoo foamed-up really nicely and I only used a small amount. It left my hair feeling really clean and washed out well. The coconut isn’t overpowering it’s actually quite fresh and not artificial smelling, which you can sometimes get from hair products and it can be quite unpleasant. But this is just the right amount of coconut. I would definitely recommend this product for people with thick/wavy hair.

I then blow dried my hair and it was left feeling very light with lots of body and minimal frizz, which was lovely to see.

Weightless Hair Masque

Having never used a masque before, I was so excited to try this. I totally fell for the product and how soft my hair felt after use. I applied the masque generously to all of my hair and left on for five minutes. It washed off really nicely to reveal the amazing softness.The masque definitely helped to lock in the gorgeous scent and even four days in… I can still smell it!

Weightless Texture Spray

The texture spray did help to tame my frizz but to be honest I didn't feel it added anything else to my hair as the shampoo and masque pretty much covered all bases.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Shea Moisture’s products and I will definitely be trying out more of the range.

If you have tried any of these products I’d love to hear your thoughts, tweet me @NCampopiano

Shop the full range only available at Boots in the UK. Find them here:

Q&A | Get to Know Me Tag

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had wonderful weekend.

Since I started blogging and YouTubing, I feel like some of you have had a sneak peak into my life, passions and hobbies but I thought of a better way to get to know me by completing the Get to Know Me Q&A tag. I always love reading and watching these (maybe because I'm so nosy) but I think they are a great tool to get to know people a little more and to find out what makes them tick. 

Here we go...I hope you enjoy. 

  1. What is your middle name? Ellen
  2. What is your favourite colour? Purple
  3. What's your favourite season? Spring all the way. The evenings get later and the coats get lighter
  4. How tall are you? 5ft 4
  5. Cats or Dogs? DOGS all the way, sorry cats!
  6. Funniest moment throughout School? Way too many to say I absolutely loved school, take me back any day
  7. How many countries have you visited? I'd like to say I visited quite a few countries certainly most of Europe. I have visited America and China the most - due to family living there
  8. Did you go to college? If this means university, then yes
  9. What was your favourite/worst subject in High School? Media Studies and Maths
  10. What is your Favourite drink? Chocolate Yazoo
  11. What is your favourite animal? Penguins and Pandas
  12. What is your favourite perfume? Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum
  13. Tea or Coffee? Neither...Green Tea
  14. What would you (or have you) name your children? Never thought about that in much depth 
  15. What Sports do you play/Have you played? I've never played any sports, that's so bad!
  16. What is your favourite holiday? Halloween - I just think it's so much fun 
  17. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? Zoella, In The Frow, Hello October and the Sacconejolys. They all inspired me to start making my own videos
  18. What is your favourite movie? So hard to name one but if I had to...Bruce Almighty
  19. Are you Single or Taken? I have a lovely boyfriend of six years called Gary 
  20. What's your idea of an ideal first date? I love theme parks and I always think it's a great place to go for a date. Lots of places to walk and queuing so you can get to know each other!!
  21. What's your favourite store? Probably Urban Outfitters, despite the fact I worked there for four years
  22. Favourite memory from childhood? Way too many to write down, I had a very happy childhood
  23. Do you speak any different languages and how well? No languages sadly, I wish I could speak Italian
  24. Do you have any siblings? Two lovely ones. One older sister and brother, Stella and Frank
  25. How would you describe your fashion sense? Comfy and quirky
  26. What is your favourite restaurant? Well it's obviously McDonald's and yes, it is a restaurant. I could honestly eat there forever. It's my one true love. 
  27. What are some of your favourite TV shows? This is my favourite question, I watch so many shows. If we're talking recent, then it's definitely 11.22.63, it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. Other than that, House of Cards, Vampire Diaries, OITNB, Homeland and Keeping up with the Kardashians (it's a guilty pleasure of mine!)
  28. PC or mac? MAC all the way. Those of you will know how hard I struggle with PCs
  29. What phone do you have? iPhone 6
  30. Tell us one of your bad habits! My boyfriend would say it's not putting the lids on things properly but other people would say I'm dramatic and exaggerate too much.
I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to see your answers to this tag. Comment below.